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Rowing is one of the finest aerobic sports in the world. Boats and oars have evolved over the years to harness the maximum efficiency of the human body. Thus rowing is considered an all round sport not only for its powerful strokes, but also for the meticulous coordination, precision and utmost discipline that is essential to send the boat racing smoothly through water. The origins of rowing date back to the beginning of civilization. According to sport historians, the Chinese were the first to participate in the sport of long-boat racing on rivers, whilst paddle and oar racing in Thailand and Sri Lanka date back to the dawn of history. Records also exist of races between state barges in Egypt in 6000 BC..

When we look at the history of the Sri Lankan rowing, you are expected to look at the history of the Colombo Rowing Club (CRC) because Sri Lanka rowing was originated by the CRC. It began in 1860 almost century before the ARASL was introduced. Rowing in Sri Lanka can be traced back to the 12th of July, 1864 when, according to the ‘Ceylon Times,’ a proposal was circulated amongst the residents of Colombo for the purchase of three boats and the construction of a boat shed on the banks of the Beira Lake. A meeting was convened and chaired at Colombo’s public library on the 15th of July by Sir Edward Creasy, Ceylon’s Chief Justice, and a formal club was born under the name, ‘The Colombo Rowing Club. ’Initially founded under the aegis of the CRC and a further membership comprising of the University of Colombo, Royal and St. Thomas’ Colleges

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